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Studio Quality $2 Million The film's in Riverrock's "SQ $2 Million" division are NOT low-budget films. They are perfectly honed projects that deliver a STUDIO QUALITY film for a price point that maximizes profits for our investors. The details of the business model is what makes this division so valuable.

7 Days As A Kingpin

A hilarious comedy starring an impressive lineup of celebrity talent. The story follows Devin, a well-meaning, career-driven insurance salesman bent on climbing the corporate ladder until he is faced with the ultimate test of his sales skills... In a radical attempt to save his girlfriend, his job, and his career Devin must unload half a million dollars of cocaine in just seven insane days.

The film's website can be viewed by clicking here: 7 Days as a Kingpin.


VINCENT KINCAID is an ordinary man with an ordinary job. He works in an office and likes to play video games. He doesn’t talk to women in elevators. He doesn’t get up and sing at the company Karaoke party. He’s never been in a fist-fight and he hates the site of blood. All of that is about to change forever.

The Familiar

In a remote all-girls college, the new girl doesn't fit in too easily. Quickly making enemies with the wrong people, she unleashes the dark power behind her legacy of witchcraft, an ancient familiar spirit attached to her since birth.


Fantasy Island meets I Robot / Westworld in this high tech thriller and murder mystery. For those who chose to visit the brothel of the future where every man’s (and female) fantasy can now be fulfilled with no guilt and no remorse. Some believe it’s not “cheating” if it’s not human. It’s all fine and a personal choice for many…. Until it all goes wrong. So very wrong.

The Turning Point

Buried deep in the heart of every human, is the potential to kill. What’s your turning point? Most of us will never know. For JOEL HARMON, an outdoorsman and a life-long pacifist, the question will be answered on a mountain. Joel loses a friend while climbing and returns to area to find him. Joel learns his friend's disappearance was no accident and soon realizes he is in a struggle for his own survival. Joel is being hunted and nothing he says or does can change this equation. He must fight, or die.

Bachelor Lions

Every male lion wants to be the king of their own pride. When two young men swear allegiance to each other, move in together and promise to help each other get their lives together, there’s only one thing that could ruin their plan. ...and she just moved into their building.

Dead Wrong

When a career girl finally meets the man of her dreams she gets more than she bargained for. When subtle clues lead to a deadly surprise, she is forced into an impossible recuse of the man she loves.

Crossing The Line

A rookie cop from L.A. gets stranded south of the border and must "walk a mile in another man's zapatas". Unusual circumstances force him to rely on a local Mexican Banda (Banda Machos) to get him across the border... the hard way.

Thy Will Be Done

A fun, light-hearted version of what 'might' have happened to the Apostles. Being hunted by the Romans, they struggle with doubts, confusion and their own humanity as they come together one final time and choose who will be the 12th Apostle.


Terrence Howard and Taye Diggs team up in this upbeat comedy about two college buddies who reunite and attempt to pull of the greatest prank of all time. Co-starring the beautiful Anita Bream.